Our Story

New buildings rise regularly on the horizon as you travel down Georgia Avenue through the heart of downtown Silver Spring. Over the last 30 years Silver Spring, Maryland has undergone a resurrection. New businesses have brought more people and with these people have come new restaurants, condos and apartments buildings.

During this time Silver Spring has come to reflect the global community. With no ethnic majority in our city - you are likely to walk into a Starbucks and meet an Ethiopian business man or a Latin American student as you are a Caucasian mother of two taking her children to Veteran's Plaza.

Into this context, we are forming a new Christian community that reflects the growth of Silver Spring. A regional group of churches (Potomac Presbytery) worked together to send us to begin this work in Summer 2011. The initial 5 email addresses of people interested in starting a new church has grown into a stable, healthy community of people who are seeking to know God, love one another, and care for our community.

Mosaic Community Church takes its name from the broken pieces of different shapes, sizes, and color that an artist can fit together by hand to form a beautiful picture. This is what God does in the story of the world we live in. And at Mosaic Community Church we proclaim that God has demonstrated his love for us in Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection.

We are a mission work of the Potomac Presbytery and connected to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

Core Values


One of the most remarkable things about Jesus was how he engaged people. Whether they were alienated and broken or influential and powerful, Jesus made clear God’s plan of redemption. Our church is focused on the people of Silver Spring. And we will engage the diverse community making clear the ongoing story of redemption from Scripture and living lives marked by hospitality, mercy, and justice


We care about where we live. What a simple sentence to say and a much harder one to live. This is particularly true in the metro DC area where people frequently move in and out. Our goal as a community is to contribute to Silver Spring and serve it faithfully. This means our church focuses our time, energy, and resources within the context of our local community.


The good news of Christianity is that the power of God saves us. This good news of God’s grace demonstrated most visibly by Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection functions at the heart of all that we do. This is true both during our time together and as we live as individuals.

Silver Spring, Maryland