Sermon Series

Here are the preaching series that we have worked through as a church community in recent months



Book of Exodus

God leads his people out of captivity in the land of Egypt, gives them his Law, and remains present with them on their journey.

Story of Christianity

One way to think through the epic story of Christianity is through the chapter headings: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. In this series we unpack that in four parts.


Book of Lamentations

The people of God and the city of Jerusalem were to be a light to the nations. But some of their leaders had different ideas. Their ambition lead them to unfaithfulness and the fall out was faced by not only the leaders but the entire people of God. In a series of poems, Lamentations gives a voice to those mourning for the loss they've experienced. It both mourns the diseaster of the city was well as turns in prayer and some small hope for renewal in God’s saving purpose for the world.


Helpful Articles

Tim Keller, Why Plant New Churches

Tim Keller, Why Plant New Churches

What is church planting?

One approach to start new and healthy churches in areas where they do not currently exist is church planting. This is the work of forming a new faith community.


Ministry Partners

There is a lot of work to be done. And no one organization can go it alone. At Mosaic Silver Spring we actively search for partners to work alongside toward the common good of our neighborhoods. Here are a few of our partnerships developed over time where we have some measure of shared commitment and strategy.

port towns.jpg

port towns church plant

We are partnering to plant a cross-cultural, gospel-centered church in the Port Towns. Racial reconciliation and cross-cultural community have always been passions at the center of our hearts, and doors have been opened for us to pursue this model of ministry. We feel called to start a church that reflects the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom, and to bring our neighbors in the Port Towns communities together as one church family.


RUF at Maryland

Reformed University Fellowship is a community of students that exist to love and serve God and the University of Maryland. Our goal is to help students come to understand, know, and follow Jesus Christ as they walk through their college years, and to help lay a foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus and serving him in all areas of life. We're here for the campus, both for students from any religious background and students who have no religious background at all. Whatever kind of Terp you are and whatever your story, RUF is for you.